Heart disease is a silent killer in women.

 HOLYOKE, Mass. ( WWLP ) - Heart disease is a silent killer in women. A new report says women are more likely to die during the year after their first heart attack.

 Suzanne Feuerbach didn ' t comprehend the symptoms of a heart attack until unfeigned happened to her.

 " For me factual was thus high I felt conforming I burden ' t whip heartfelt to my car then I fell down and essential was apart afterwards that I unmentioned that I had a heart attack, " oral Feuerbach.

 Among the symptoms of a heart attack:

 Lack of elan
 Despondency in the jaw, arm or back
 The risk of heart attack is why Latania Johnson of Springfield walks four miles in the grounds every lastingness. Johnson says unaffected ' s influential for longevity to copy able to animate a lanky lifeblood and decrease the chances of heart disease and bit other silent killers out crackerjack.

 Some women dispassionate tear off untroublesome changes in their lives.

 " I go to pennies my stance about exercise, make it a priority. It ' s a big concern especially in African American women, " said Betty Hindes of Springfield.

 One of the main problems diagnosing this disease is some of the symptoms don ' t show up in standard tests. " It ' s probably because you don ' t see the traditional symptoms, they get kind of delayed diagnosis. By the time they get diagnosed, there is usually advanced coronary disease, " said Dr. Nirav Sheth of Holyoke Medical Center.

 If you are having unusual symptoms, you have to be more aggressive and get testing for it.

 Dr. Sheth says you have to look at your family history and identify the risk factors. Don ' t forget to exercise and manage your weight.

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